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Ten Girls Who Used Their Talents

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Christian Focus
Irene Howat

Each of the young women in this book of short biographies were given amazing talents by God, and chose to use those talents for His glory.

  • Helen - used her education as a doctor to take the Gospel to Africa as a missionary
  • Maureen - drove a bus and then helped the homeless
  • Anne - used her technical knowledge to help aircraft keep flying
  • Harriet - wrote a book that changed the society she lived in
  • Sarah - supported her husband so that he could do greater things for God
  • Selina - used her knowledge and God given influence to help the church
  • Mildred - used her sense of adventure to spread the word of God
  • Katie - rescued babies
  • Patricia - wrote many books for children and opened up a genre of reading
  • Mary - showed that disability was no barrier to service

Each book contains a short quiz about the stories inside and every story ends with a: Factfile, Keynote, Think, Prayer

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