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Ten Girls Who Didn't Give In

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Christian Focus
Irene Howat

Young people will be challenged by reading the biographies of these 10 girls who didn't give up on God even though they faced very difficult situations.

  • Blandina - died for her faith
  • Perpetua - had to give up her child before her own death
  • Lady Jane Grey - wouldn't deny Jesus, despite all she was told to do
  • Anne Askew - lost her home, but still kept her faith
  • Lysken Dirks - loved her husband, but her faith came first
  • Marion Harvey - found faith in Christ, and satyed faithful, even until she died
  • Margaret Wilson - was an oulaw, that obeyed God
  • Judith Weinburg - like many others, lost her life, because of her love for Christ
  • Betty Stam - her and her husband lived for Jesus as missionaries
  • Esther John - committed to Christ and died for the faith she had vowed to follow

Each story has four sections at the end: Factfile, Keynote, Think, Prayer

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