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Children & Young People

Children love to be read to, so why not browse our range of books for children that we are sure they will love. Just click on one of the links on the left to browse our extensive range of Books, to help children and young people strengthen their faith

Featured Childrens & Young Peoples Books
Nativity Story

Nativity Story£5.99   £4.99

My Pop-Up Stories of Jesus

My Pop-Up Stories of Jesus£5.99   £4.99

God's Builder

God's Builder£1.99

My First Picture Bible

My First Picture Bible£6.99   £6.50

Sunshine Country

Sunshine Country£4.99   £4.50

To Cheese or Not To Cheese: The Story of Ruth

To Cheese or Not To Cheese: The Story of Ruth£7.95   £6.95

Coal Hole Mystery

Coal Hole Mystery£4.99   £3.50

Raven Delivers Food

Raven Delivers Food£2.99   £2.50

Man on the Mat

Man on the Mat£2.50

David and Goliath

David and Goliath£5.99   £4.99

Boat Noah Built

Boat Noah Built£8.99   £7.99

My Storytime Bible

My Storytime Bible£9.99   £8.99

Tiger Forgives

Tiger Forgives£3.99   £3.50

Amazing Journey

Amazing Journey£6.99   £6.50

Little Woodman and Other Stories

Little Woodman and Other Stories£4.99   £4.50

One Starry Night

One Starry Night£9.99   £7.99

Twice Freed

Twice Freed£5.99   £5.50

Paul and the Deadly Fall/Paul's Great Escape

Paul and the Deadly Fall/Paul's Great Escape£3.99   £3.50

Big Crash

Big Crash£2.50

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark£5.99   £4.99

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