Free Postage on all UK orders


What We Offer seeks to offer a growing range of Bibles, Christian Books from some of todays most well known authors, including Joyce Meyer, R T. Kendall, C H Spurgeon, Timothy Cross, and many others. Some of the popular Publishers we stock include Christian Focus Publications, Ambassador Publications, Thomas Nelson, Destiny Image. Included within this expansive list of Publishers, are a great range of Childrens book Publishers, such as Award Publications, Brown Watson, Lion Hudson which include the popular childrens imprint Candle Books.

What Sets Us Apart

Free UK Postage on ALL Orders

One thing that sets LoveChristianBooks apart is our desire to be completely transparent with the amount we charge when it comes to Postage and Packaging.

Unfortunately we do have to charge for items sent outside of the United Kingdom. However, for all orders with UK delivery addresses all orders, regardless of size are post free. This means you can even order a single Greeting Card for our vast, and ever-growing selection, and even this, will be post free in the UK.

We Don't Drop Ship!

What is Drop Shipping and why you should know about it?

Drop Shipping is a practice employed by many large businesses (including some well-known Christian ones) where a business shows that they have a product in stock on their website. However, in reality, when you place an order the website orders the item from a wholesaler, and it is shipped either directly to you as the customer, or to the business you ordered it from so they can send it to you,

You can usually tell if a business employs this method, by how long they claim it will take to dispatch your order. If you see an item that is dispatched within 24-48 hours, it is most likely in stock. However, if a website uses wording similar to 'Usually dispatched withing 3-7 working days' this means they don't have the item, and actually, may not even be able to supply your order.

Why is this important?

Imagine, if you need an order quickly, maybe you've forgotten a Birthday, or other important event, perhaps a gift for a presentation has slipped your mind, you need a supplier that you are confident can deliver the product that you have ordered without unnecessary delays. Why not give us a try, and see why we have so many repeat customers.

What makes different?

We may not have as many products on offer as some of our competitors, but usually, what we say is in in stock. Of course, there are occasions where human error occurs and quantities listed are not available. However, this only occurs occasionally, as we try our best to check our stock levels regularly.

Over 90% of Orders Include Tracking

UK tracking on most orders

Most of our UK orders are now fully tracked, meaning that for most orders, there will be a tracking number attached to the e-mail confirming your order has been dispatched. We endevor to send all other non-tracked orders by First Class Post, so they usually arrive super fast.

Full tracking on all international orders

All orders outside tge United Kingdom now come with full tracking, meaning you can see the progress of your order on its journey to you.

We Continue to serve the Wider Church Worldwide!

Even through the difficult times of the Covid19 pandemic and beyond, has continued to support customers worldwide. While other Christian UK retailers have stopped sending orders to Europe because of Brexit and increased carriage costs, continues to supply countries both in Europe and the USA and beyond with good quality, affordable Bibles, Books, Resources and Gifts.

Our Mailing Policy

Unlike some of our competitors we don't send two or three e-mails per day promoting the 'latest thing'

Why Not?

Well, here's the thing...we take the view that as a customer, you don't want to be bombarded day in and day out with a host of e-mails....most of which you are probably not interested in. Even some Christian companies sent multiple e-mails per day wanting you to buy something.

In short, when you need us, we are here.

After all, why should you 'unsubcrible' from a mailing list you are interested in, but feel you have to unsubcribe because you get so many e-mails.

If you would like to know what is happening, you can visit our Facebook Page or our Twitter Feed, which we update as often as we can, or simply visit the site itself and see all the new products and features we are introducing.

If you would like more information or just a suggestion on how we can improve our service, please feel free to get in touch. We can't act on a suggestion, but we can always promise to listen!