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10 October 2020  |  Customer Support


Christmas has arrived at During these difficult times, we feel it is really important to keep our eyes on Jesus, and with Christmas approaching it is great to remember that, no matter how bad things are around us, that God is still in control and we should remember the birth of Christ as a happy and joyous occassion.








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23 February 2021  |  Customer Support

Following the uncertainty of Brexit, we have had to update our postal charges for orders delivered outside of the United Kingdom.

3 February 2021  |  Customer Support

We are still sending orders outside the UK

15 September 2020  |  Customer Support

Following our trials over the summer period we can confirm we will be continuing to utilise Parcel2Go to offer a better service.

30 June 2020  |  Customer Support is now using Parcel2Go, to offer better service and more information to our customers about their order...

1 May 2020  |  Customer Support

We are very pleased to officially announce our new 'Church Resources' section...

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