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Evidence for Truth: Prophecy

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Victor Pearce
Evidence For Truth

Discover important prophecies from the Bible and see how so many events that were predicted have now been fulfilled with stunning accuracy and timing. Learn which Prophecies still remain to be fulfilled.

Dr Victor Pearce pinpoints facts often overlooked and highlights the significance of present and future events. He reveals that many Bible Prophecies have been fulfilled and explains other prophecies concerning the last days.

The topics include:

  • God's cosmic timing system explained
  • Double fulfilment of Bible prophecy
  • The Roles of Europe and the United Nations
  • God's provision for Jews and Arabs
  • Jerusalem as God's World Trade Centre
  • Prophecies about Christ and by Christ
  • What God told Daniel in confidence
  • The new millennium and the biblical millennium
  • Rapture, tribulation and end-time events
  • The book of Revelation decoded
  • The second coming of Jesus Christ
  • Jesus warns about homosexuality
  • Aeroplanes, spacecraft and nuclear bombs
  • The place of September 11th in prophecy

These and many more topics provide a comprehensive understanding of God's plans and purposes.

About the Author:

Dr Victor Peancs is an eminent scientist, archaeologist and theologian. He is well known for his lectures and international broadcasts which can be heard regularly in many countries around the world on UCB - United Christian Broadcasters.

Other Titles Include:

Evidence for Truth: Science (Vol 1)
Evidence for Truth: Archaeology (Vol 2)

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