Evidence for Truth: Archaeology

Evidence for Truth: Archaeology
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Publisher:  Eagle
Binding:  Paperback
Author(s):  Victor Pearce
Series:  Evidence For Truth

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Only 1 left in stock, usually dispatched within 24 hours

Discover how archaeological findings conclusively support the historical records in the Bible with devestating accuracy. For example, they reveal that the dates for the Exodus harmonise with all Middle East discoveries, despite the assertions of some.

Writing in plain, non-technical English, Victor Pearce unearths new evidence from his many international researches in museums, laboratories and archaeological sites which reveal:

  • The advanced nature of early civilisations
  • Evidence that proves the dates of the Exodus
  • How Hittite law proves Moses wrote the Torah
  • How the extra long day happened
  • Geological facts hidden in the Bible
  • The testimony of the Sphinx
  • Matthew's gospel account vindicated
  • The great Dead Sea scrolls cover-up
  • The genetics of virgin conception

Read about these and many more exciting revelations which demonstrate the reliabilitiy of the Bible.

About the Author:

Dr Victor Peancs is an eminent scientist, archaeologist and theologian. He is well known for his lectures and international broadcasts which can be heard regularly in many countries around the world on UCB - United Christian Broadcasters.

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