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Christian Focus
Lisa Stadler

Problems! Problems! Everyone has them, but in this world  I have enough of my own, without having to look out for other people, especially some of my mates, there is so much drama, I just can't take them offloading on me!

Well, hang on, let's take a look at some of these issues, there are so many to choose from, issues like; you are concerned about your girlfriend because she thinks she needs to do the latest diet to be socially acceptable; there's a party next weekend and somebodys going to take a lots of alcohol; your firends are putting pressue on you to steal something, and break the law; you've got parents who have all these rules and don't seem to understand or  maybe it's the step-parents who annoy you immenselyl (and they are not even related) - and then there are your siblings and the rest of the family and everything that goes with all the inter-family relationships and then, on top of all those things your your Mum and Dad suddenly announce they are separating because of their arguments...this then leads to divorce.

There's just too much hassle to deal with these days.

Even if your girlfriend has dumped you, your teachers know you don't attend class, and you feel things are going from bad to worse; God can help you deal with your problems - although, you may have to change your view of who He is. His strength will help you, and give you the strength to do what is right. Give your heartache to God and live life to full.

So for each issue there are solutions - some Straightalk will help you find them.

Each chapter of Straightalk details a teen-specific life or family issue with real-life discussion and prayer. Scripture verses give God's direct input to your problems.

About the Author:

This book takes advantage of Lisa's gifts in writing and counseling to portary her experiences working with teens and young people to reach out and support and challene them with the day-to-day issues they face. Giving common-sense wisdom that God has given us through His word, things that worked out in her own life, Lisa wants young people to discover God's answersto their troubles. She has a Masters degree in Biblical Studies and is currently working on a PhD in Psychology.

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