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Talk Sense

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Sammy Horner

Our bodies are amazingly designed, but sometimes they don't work the way we want them to. We visit the Doctors to find out what the problem is, even when we don't. Did you know there is a Doctor who knows you better than anyone, from head to toe and from inside out, He can help you even when you are feeling low!

People come to this Doctor in all shapes and sizes - small, tall, thin, not so thin - but everyone starts off the same way, as a baby. When you decide to follow this Doctor,  Jesus, you become a baby in God's family, but this is only the start! Read on and find out how to grow up to be a strong healthy Christian. No matter what size you are now you can become a giant for God if you take the right steps.

About the Author:

Sammy Horner is an established musician and a children's evangelist. His experiences in mission work have helped him to communicate with honesty, humour and relevant way.

He works with young people in crisis for the Church of Scotland

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