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Do you want your children to realise that the Bible is God’s relevant, exciting and dynamic guide?

TnT are the brains behind the successful 'on the way’ Sunday School materials - now they bring you God's Zoo, a brilliant children's club! everything you need is here- just bring your bible, commitment, and creativity.

God's Zoo has superb games, thoughtful activities and a thorough explanation of the gospel message.This is material that brings children to focus on fun, faith and God's forgiveness.

In the amazing world of 'Gods Zoo' you will come across a sneaky snake, a troublesome sheep, as well as the real facts about a watery rescue mission.Theres another rescue going on called salvation- and you'll find out about that in 'God's Zoo' too.From creation to the cross the real story is here and it's not watered down.

The Bible teaching is backed up by visual aids, fun sheets, and games. God's zoo does not shrink from teaching about creation and the fall;the judgement of the flood; Gods forgiveness and his plan for redemption- all are included


  • Reproducible - The activities can be photocopied so one book is all you need per teacher. it saves you money
  • Multi-age- Each section has activities and fun sheet specially designed for 5-7 year olds and 8-11 year olds It saves time and kids in the same family get the same message to take home.
  • Comprehensive - The syllabus contains a comprehensive summary of the gospel message.
  • Enjoyable - Children love it and learn from it, so you will enjoy it too
  • Biblical - Children and teachers learn together, both can be transformed.
  • Teacher-Friendly- Lesson plans and preparation tips will help you teach well. It’s designed by teachers who teach teachers
  • Trustworthy - Editorially supervised by David Jackman, this materialhas been tested in a variety of different denominational and's worthwhile and it works.

This material is suitable enough to suit a variety of situations. you can use if for an evening club over a series of weeks, a holiday bible club or VBS. Because you can photocopy the activity pages there are no extras to buy. it's great for children from churched or unchurched backgrounds. It really works! that's why TnT materials are best-sellers.

What do people say about TnT?

‘Biblical ignorance is a plague... This material will give children firm foundations in scriptural knowledge from their earliest years.’ Dick Lucas, St. Helen’s Bishopsgate

This is a comprehensive scheme for children tobe introduced to Bible stories. Recommended.’ -Sarah Cook, Association of Christian Teachers

‘Excellent, enjoyable. it has been tested inmany different churches and denominations and comes with the highest recommendation.’ Ann Macaskill, The Monthly Record

‘Very good... ideas that look really interesting. I would recommend this series.’ Simon Hoggarth (age 13), Education Otherwise

The On The Way range includes:

  • Beginning with the Bible for pre-schoolThree books: A Child’s First Lessons in Knowing God; Old Testament; NewTestament.
  • On the Way for 3-9 years Fourteen books: Covers all the major doctrines of the Christian faith.
  • On the Way for 9-11 yearsSix books: Gives children a solid introduction to Bible study.
  • On the Way for 11-14 yearsSix books: Encourages teens with more discussion based topics.
  • The Game is Up for 3-11 years Four books: Adds another dimension to your teaching programme through games and warm-ups with a Biblical lesson.
  • The junction for 14-18 years Youth group material for older teens that mixes sound Bible study with fun social activities and worksheets.
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