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100 Creative Prayer Ideas for Kids and Grown-ups Too!

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Pacific Press
Karen Holford

100 New And Exciting Ways To Pray

"The book lives up to its billing, except that its creative ideas spark additional ideas and adaptations so that it could easily prove to be 200 Creative Prayer Ideas."

"This book is overdue. Our kids and young adults need to have creative ideas that make prayer meaningful in their daily lives. I recommend this book very highly."

"I am really excited about this creative and practical new book.

Sometimes people think they don't have much time for prayer but here are many ideas for including prayer throughout every aspect of life."

Our children and even we adults often ger stuck when asked to pray. We don't know what to say, or our prayers can easily become routine, even boring. Karen Holford has an idea. Actually she has 100 Creative Prayer Ideas that are guaranteed to make time with Jesus interesting, meaningful, and even fun! And don't assume grown-ups are left to watch from the sidelines. A helpful index organizes the various prayer activities by age and other categories. Many of these ideas will work especially well in small group settings, or use them in your own prayer time to put a fresh sparkle into your prayer life!

From "Bag of Bits Prayer" and "Blessings Basket" to "Garden Prayers," this book provides a smorgasbord of simple activities that will help kids and adults find new delight in talking to God.

Karen Holford has worked as an occupational therapist and has a master's degree in educational and developmental psychology from Andrews University.

Currently she works alongside her husband in family ministries. The Holfords have three children and are involved in creating interactive worship experiences for families and young people.


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