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Laura Gallier

What Singles Need to Know about Sex and Dating by Laura Gallier

Laura Gallier is relevant and authentic, yet powerful and dynamic. -Denny Pattyn, Founder/President, Silver Ring Thing

Laura Gallier is an effective Christian communicator. She tackles the tough and often controversial issue of abstinence education with wit and insight. -Michael Ridgeway, Senior Associate Editor, Periodicals, Focus on the Family

Mom: Don't have sex until you're married.

Teen: Why?

Dad: Because I said so! Got it?

Teen: I guess.

If you're like most young people, you have important questions about sex-but you aren't sure where to find the answers. Why Wait? What Singles Need to Know About Sex and Dating is written for you and answers the most common and often controversial questions you have about sex.

These questions and more are answered:

  • Isn't "no sex before marriage" just for nerds?
  • What's so special and sacred about sex, anyway?
  • Why is premarital sex sometimes called sin?
  • What's the big deal about losing my virginity?
  • How far is going too far?
  • QUIZ: Is my dating relationship healthy?
  • What if I've already had sex?
  • How can I keep from having sex until I'm married?


Everything you ever wanted to know about sexuality is discussed-so you can make up your own mind about where you stand on premarital sex.


About Laura Gallier:

Laura B. Gallier, author of Choosing to Wait, has spent the past decade as a youth minister and adviser to teens and parents. She is founder of Inspiring Abstinence, a para-church ministry committed to equipping parents and empowering young people to understand and embrace God's plan for sexual purity. Laura and her husband, Patrick, live in Cypress, Texas, along with their three children, two hermit crabs, a dog, and one temperamental fish!

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