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Prayers of Promise

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Roy Lessin

One of the most beautiful gifts that God gives parents, is the opportunity to pray for their children. In this book, founder of DaySpring publishers and father to two children, Roy Lessin gives parents a meaningful tool to guide them to pray for their child, whatever stage of life their child is at. Seeking to build a strong foundation of prayer for both the parents and the children, this book contains ten sections:

  1. The Power of Blessing
  2. The Comfort of Protection
  3. The Beauty of Character
  4. The Joys of Community
  5. The Proclamation of Praise
  6. The Benefits of Growth
  7. The Impact of Courage
  8. The Power of Purpose
  9. The Privilege of Knowing God
  10. Spiritual Growth

Each section contains six promises and prayers which focus on a specific need in a child's life, and also includes 'At the Heart of Prayer' at the end of each section, which features 'Focus Points' for the prayers in each section.

This book will help you to:

  • Remember to use Scripture when praying
  • Find words to really pray what you are thinking
  • Have a tool to be structured, yet also creative in how you pray
  • Remember that you are never too old to lift your children up in prayer
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