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Labor of Love

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Timothy L. Hall

Many husbands and wives struggle with the demands of careers and marriage. Other couples are looking for ways to strengthen their relationship. The Labor of Love offers practical advice on creating lasting intimacy and love in marriaage.

For Tim and Lee Hall, life seemed like the American dream come true. Tim's fast-track position with a prestigious law firm provided a steadily rising salary and all the material rewards they could want.

Instead of happiness and fulfillment, however, they found that "success" was eating away at the foundations of their marriage and spiritual life. For Tim and Lee, a commitment to one another and to the Lord has meant re-ordering their life priorities and concentrating on the real work of marriage.

The Labor of Love presents nine principles for building an enduring love that Tim and Lee have discovered in their life together and their walk with Christ. Some of these principles are:

  • Making Time for Love
  • Avoiding and Resolving conflicts
  • Guarding Love from Unfaithfulness

Now a professor of law at the University of Mississippi, Tim reflects on their experiences as he writes, "The labor of love is important because our happiness and our children's happiness are bound up in love's survival." But the labor of love is also important "because it is worth doing. The time has come for men and women to recognize that love's labor is noble work. It is work worthy of life's best energy."

About Timothy L. Hall:

TIMOTHY L. HALL is a professor of law at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. A Sunday school teacher for many years of both singles and couples, Hall has published articles in marriage & Family, Sunday Digest, and Freeway.

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