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NIV God's Justice Bible
NIV God's Justice Bible

NIV God's Justice Bible

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God's justice is His ultimate plan for “setting things right" and is not only one of the main themes throughout the pages of Scripture but it is also a foundational principle of the Bible. His plan for justice to triumph is traced from Genesis to Revelation, and as a theme, it forms the backbone of Scripture, from the Fall to ultimate Restoration. God's plan is to restore the beauty of original creation and to see the end of evil, and every book of the Bible is infused with hints of this powerful and redemptive undertaking.

Designed to inform you, and inspire you, the God's Justice Bible, which includes the full text of the popular New International Version of the Bible, gives you a truly biblical perspective on justice as it carefully addresses the universal issues around injustice to which the Bible points. And it challenges you to join in the effort to help set things right in your communities and everyday life.

However you understand justice currently, you will be encouraged to learn that there is even more to God's perspective on justice than you thought. Written by a team of 56 international writers who bring a global perspective to these issues, this Bible will fire your passion, move you out of your comfort zone, and empower you to take positive steps to correct injustices whether  on a small or large scale, whenever you see them.

Features Include:

  • The complete text of the NIV Bible, the world's most read and most trusted modem-English versions of the Bible
  • Book introductions for every book in the Bible highlight how the theme of God's justice is addressed throughout the entire Bible ,
  • Study notes on passages speak to the problems of injustice in the world (governmental oppression, human trafficking, slavery, financial inequality, and more) and how God's overall plan is to restore his creation.
  • A selection of Prayers and questions for reflection at the end of each book of the Bible
  • A world-wide Christian perspective on God's justice through contributions from a portfolio of international writers and scolars.
  • Full colour interior design look, with images of wood carvings from around the world
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