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Dark Intentions

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Irvin Baxter
End Times Chronicles

Most people spend their entire lives trying to discover their purpose. Michael Archev discovered his when he was only twelve years old: he was born to rule the world.

From an early age, every decision in Michael's life was geared towards the fulfillment of his destiny. Every war, every government, every disaster, every triumph; he foresaw them all, and used the knowledge to his advantage.

Supernatural forces were at work, creating a world that Michael knew only he could lead. The governments of the world had had their chance, but the puzzle proved to be more complex than they could imagine. Only Michael Archev could put the final pieces in place, and his hour had finally come.

About Irvin Baxter:


Irvin Baxter, Jr. is the editor of Endtime magazine; with a readership exceeding 150,000, it is the most widely read prophecy magazine in the world. Irvin also hosts "Politics & Religion," a live syndicated radio broadcast that is heard daily worldwide via shortwave and the Internet. Having researched, studied and taught Bible prophecy for over 30 years, he is one of the foremost internationally acclaimed authorities in prophecy teaching today. Irvin and his wife, Judy reside in Richmond, Indiana.

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