Christmas Stable 24 Piece Jigsaw

Christmas Stable 24 Piece Jigsaw
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Product ID:  9781859859377
ISBN/Barcode:  9781859859377
Manufacturer:  Candle
Pieces:  24
Pack Size:  1
Designs Per Pack:  1

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12 in stock, usually dispatched within 24 hours  

12 in stock, usually dispatched within 24 hours


Many years ago there lived, in the village of Nazareth a girl called Mary. One day, an angel suddenly appeared to her Mary was frightened.


"Don't be afraid" said the angel "God is pleased with you. You are going to have a very special baby, God's son. You shall call the baby Jesus!" Then the angel disappeared. Mary was so happy that she sang a special song thank to God. Mary was engaged to Joseph, the village carpenter. Now they got married and started getting ready for the baby.


It would be soon be time for Mary's baby to be born. But Mary and Joseph had to go on long journey to the town of Bethlehem, were Joseph came from. Everyone had to be counted. Mary rode on a little donkey, and Joseph walked beside her.


At last they arrived. By now Mary was very tired. Joseph knocked on the door of an inn. "No room!" said the man. "We're completely full!" Suddenly he noticed how tired Mary looked. He realized she was soon going to have a baby. "I have a little stable where animals sleep," he said. "You could sleep there, if you like." So Mary and Joesph slept in his stable. That night, with the donkey and cows standing by, Mary's baby, Jesus, was born - just as angel said.


Nearby, shepherds were looking after their sheep in the fields. An angel suddenly appered to them, too. The shepherds were scared. "Don't be frighted!" said the angel. "Tonight a very special baby has been born in Bethlehem. He will save his people." At hat moment, crowds of angels filled the sky, singing "Praise to God in heaven!" As soon as the angles dissapered, the shepherds raced off to bethlehem. They wanted to see this special baby! Soon the shepherds found Mary and Joesph in the stable - and baby Jesus lying cosy in the straw.


Far away, some wise men were staring at the night sky.  "I've never seen that that star before!" said one wise man. "It's new", said a second wise man. "That means that means a new king been born." "We must follow the star and find him," said the third wise man. So they set out on long journey. At last the star stopped over Bethlehem. When the wise men saw baby Jesus, they knelt before him. They knew he was the new king. They gave him expensive presents: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

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