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Whatever Happened to the Gospel?

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What has become of the Church today? Many Churches proclaim a 'Name it and Claim it' gimmicky gospel, one that politically correct, and envolves saving just about everyone. But is there justification for this....was this the kind of Gospel the Apostle Paul preached?

Author and theologian R T Kendall challenges us to look to the word of God for the answer to this very important question, asking us important questions like; 'What was it that Paul was unashamed of?'

Based on the content of many church services today the Gospel has been laid aside in favour of socially acceptable, fuzzy, non-committal gospel - one where only feelings and 'self' matters. Yet other churches preach a gospel that is so sanctimonious it leaves believers with no assurance of Salvation or Eternal Life.

Kendall dares us to ignore these hyper-extremes of faith, instead, focusing on the Gospel fulfilled by Jesus, preached by the Apostle Paul and proclaimed by reformers of the 16th century, moving away from a lie which much of the modern church perpetuates which not only misleads people, but also often results in their mistreatment.

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