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Truth And Love in a Sexually Disordered World

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Christian Focus
David Searle

Authors include: David Wright, William Still, Geoffrey Grogan, Trevor Stammers, David Searle

Many people are confused about sex, morality and personal identity.

THIS BOOK provides the background to distinctive Christian standards based on the Bible's teaching. It addresses the problems that you can encounter when seeking to encourage a Christ-commended lifestyle in today's society.


'An alternative title for this book might have been: Sex - handle with care! Sex has brought immense happiness to countless millions but it has also dealt sorrow and heartache to just as many. It need not, and it should not; hence this little book. In it the contributors present lucidly, and without need for apology, our Maker's instructions on how to handle one of the most wonderful gifts he has given to us - our human sexuality. If we will trust his guidance, we shall find it really is the way to lasting fulfilment and greatest joy.' From the foreword by Dr. Willie Philip, St George's Tron Church, Glasgow.

DAVID SEARLE was, until recently, the warden of Rutherford House, a Christian study and research centre in Edinburgh. He has written many books including 'And Then There Were Nine' (ISBN 1 85792 5106) on the ten commandments.


'A biblical and pastoral approach to the whole issue of sexuality... the contemporary battleground for the soul of the church.' Philip Hacking, Church of England Minister

'Here is wisdom - factual, medical and biblical - to guide our thinking about our sexuality and especially about homosexual practice; here too is fuel for our compassion and prayers.' Ann Allen, Past convenor of the Church of Scotland's Council on Church & Society

'One of the best books available on this highly important subject. Balanced, biblical and readable, it is urgently necessary in the contemporary confusion of our culture.' Eric Alexander

'In a day when there is such confusion on matters of human sexuality, we need a clear biblical exposition of the issues. This is it!' Peter Maiden, International Director of OM

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