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Christian Focus
Gaius Davies

"We are not as Christian believers exempt from any of the stresses that affect anyone else. Our faith is not a passport to freedom from pressures" - Gaius Davies

Dr Gaius Davies, one of Britain's leading psychiatrists, has written a book aimed at all Christians. He aims to inform, to change attitudes and to give some practical help in dealing with the burden of shame and guilt that many people have when it comes to admitting any kind of emotional disorder.

Using examples from his experience in clinical practice, Dr Davies investigates the causes of breakdown and the many sources of stress that exist today: bereavement, guilt, personality problems, sexual tensions and the perennial problem of anxiety. He examines the ways and means by which we can cope with different kinds of stress, and even learn to utilize stress well, demonstrating the value of modern medical knowledge, while recognising that some afflictions can only be healed spiritually. What Dr Davies seeks to do above all else, is to help restore the Christian mind to its proper place in our lives, to achieve a healthy balance by which we can overcome life's many stresses. This is a book to encourage those suffering from breakdown or stress, prevent others from succumbing to it, and provide invaluable help to counsellors, and friends.

About Gaius Davies:


Dr Gaius Davies, FRCPsych, M Phil, DPM, was a Consultant Psychiatrist at King's College Hospital, London. He is a well-respected author.

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