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Pure Joy

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Many Christians are conflicted about the emotions that they are supposed to feel as Christians, thinking the Christian life is supposed to be easy and full of happiness.

Respected pastor and author R T Kendall contends that nothing could be further from the truth. Showing us through his usual thought-provoking and Biblical style that God promises us infinite joy, this joy is not to be confused with the world's deinition of happiness and joy, nor is it conditional on human factors such as wealth or status.

Rather it is the promise of God for every believer that even in the face of trials, that this wonderous and indescribable joy will be available to us, so that we can radiate Gods prescence where-ever we go.

The author sensitively expounds:

  • The divine joy that drove Jesus
  • The contrast between trials and temptations
  • The concepts of God's discipline
  • The two kinds of rejoicing
  • The stages of joy
  • How to tackle a lack of joy

Rekindle your love for Jesus as you experience the outrageous joy that His presence can bring.



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