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Paths That Cross

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Betty Rich Hendon

"In Paths That Cross, Betty Hendon shares her personal journey in a story full of love, hope, expectation, encouragement, excitement and inspiration. Paths That Cross will provide inspiration for people of all generations. I believe that her words will help many to have a close walk with their Lord." Roland N Pittman, Ph.D., Professor of Physiology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond

"In her discussion of walking with God, Betty Rich Hendon cautions that we can have the clear direction, but we have to "step out" with God in the lead. Over and over again in Paths That Cross, Betty illustrates stepping out in courage.'give me the courage to move my feet.'" Judy Chatham, Author of A Whirlwind's Breath and The Amber Necklace

Life is a journey through time and history linked together with other individuals and events. Every person is wonderfully and uniquely created by God. Life is exciting and needs to be lived to its fullest, but this can only be done with guidance from the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ. People that cross our paths daily have a profound effect on our lives, both for good and for bad. From peers to casual acquaintances, footprints are indented on our hearts and in our minds. Take a step and follow me on this timely path in order to search and to find answers on your personal journey toward a meaningful life.

About Betty Rich Henton:


Betty Rich Henton is a 2004 Honoree in Two Thousand Notable American Women for her outstanding professional achievements and contributions to society. She is a school board member and is listed in The World Who's Who of Women; Most Admired Men and Women of the Year, 1996; Woman of the Year, Great Women of the 21st Century, 2005; et al. Her passion is motivating individuals to live a richer, fuller life in tune with God's will.

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