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Henry M Morris

Here is a small, easy-to-read book which provides answers (both biblical and scientific) to such key questions about miracles as the following:






  • Do real miracles occur today?

  • What does modern science say about miracles?

  • How can we recognize a true miracle if it should occur today?

  • Did the Bible miracles really happen? How can we know?

  • Can false religions produce miracles? How can we distinguish counterfeit miracles from divine miracles?

What Key Christian Leaders Say about 'Miracles'

Dr. John MacArthur: "I have read with deep appreciation virtually every book Dr. Morris has written since his landmark book 'The Genesis Flood'. His knowledge of both science and scripture makes everything he writes a treasure, and his uncompromising defense of biblical creationalism has been of immense value to all who love the Word of God. Now he has given us a superb study of miracles from the perspective of a scientist and a believer."

Dr. David Jeremiah: "Miracles combines an intimately personal, poignant, and profound insight into this complex issue. I am honored to recommend this book. I have enjoyed reading it and have learned from it. As you read it, I am confident that God will bless and enrich your life."

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