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Living the Extraordinary Life

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Thomas Nelson
Charles F. Stanley

"If an honest and capable artist painted you, what would the world see? Integrity, Courage, and Conviction? or Dishonesty, Fear, and Doubt?

Dr. Charles Stanley asks this question as he encourages us to probe the depths of our hearts and to take stock of who we really are. Stanley's long pastoral experience convinces him that far too many of us are content to live below our real potential, to settle for less than God intends - just the status quo.

We were not created to muddle through life, barely surviving its challenges. God intended us to live victorious, extraordinary lives. In Living the Extraordinary Life, Dr. Stanley sets forth time-tested truths that God reveals to us through Scripture - nine simple but effective life principles that can help us live truly extraordinary lives. Some of the basic truths this book offers to restore inner peace and joy include these:




  • A complete life can only occur by full surrender to God
  • Obedience always brings blessing
  • Only by patience can we know God's will
  • We can win our batttles if we fight on our knees

Whether we are longtime Christians struggling with the temptations and stresses of today's world, or new believers reaching out for the first time to Christ to transform our lives, this book can point us to the secrets for living happier, more meaningful lives.

"Becoming the masterpiece God created you to be is a lifelong process in which He is continually shaping you into a unique reflection of His Son," Dr. Stanley says. "It is my prayer that you will embrace each one of these principles fully, and in doing so, discover the extraordinary life God has planned for you."

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