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Is Any One of You Sick?

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Dylan Price

An authoritative book because Dilwyn Price was a church elder, experienced in counselling sick people from medically incurable cancer. A beautifully observed devotionally studied and practically applied book on an emotional subject.

Entrenched camps often have the most heard views on the contentious area of divine healing. It can be a difficult task to find someone who can give confident advice, with all the medical, theological and practical experience necessary.

Dr Dilwyn Price, a medical practitioner, and member of the evangelical church in North England, was very active and involved in caring for his church, and also suffered from cancer. Because of this, he had the point of view of a healthcare professional, church leader, and sufferer, allowing him to approach the subject from a range of viewpoints.

Dr Price wanted to discover what the Bible had to say about divine healing. What he found from this vantage point is reproduced in this book to help you. He also considers other issues within the subject, such as the role of local church leaders and prayer when a believer is ill, the contribution of someone who was healed should make towards the ongoing mission of the church, and whether healing meetings have actual benefits.

Dilwyn Price attended Newcastle-upon-Tyne University, where he studied medicine. He married Pam in 1980 and had three children at Shotley Bridge. There, he combined general practice with part-time hospital surgery. He became a junior church leader, deacon and occasional preacher at Blackhill Baptist Church.

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