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In Pursuit of Purpose - Myles Munroe

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Dr. Myles Munroe

Best-selling author Myles Munroe reveals in this book the secret to personal fulfilment and unlocking your destiny: purpose.

We must pursue purpose because our fulfilment in life depends upon our becoming what we were born to be and do. In Pursuit of Purpose will guide you on that path to finding God's purpose for your life. This book can help you successfully travel the road when pursuing purpose and significance.

In this intimate conversation with Dr Munroe, you'll be lead down the road towards finding personal fulfilment and significance. Some of the key decisions you need make are the secrets to finding motivation, even when encountering difficult circumstances or the greatest tragedies in life.

The journey will help you find the motivation to purse life and fulfil your dreams. Dr Munroe shares the essential principles and precepts to understand your purpose and find the motivation to pursue significance.

About Myles Munroe

DR. MYLES MUNROE is respected internationally as an author, lecturer, teacher, coach, and leadership mentor. He has published numerous best-selling books including: Understanding Your Potential, The Purpose and Power of Love and Marriage, and Rediscovering the Kingdom. He is founder, president, and senior pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International, based in Nassau, Bahamas. He and his wife, Ruth, have two children, Charisa and Myles "Chairo" Jr.

Why is Purpose Important?

When you have purpose, you have the motivation and commitment to life your life to the full. When a person, community, friendship, marriage or church lose their sense of purpose, it's easy for them to fall into confusion, discouragement and frustration. You can see this happen in real life, where some generations have lost their sense of purpose, and end up lacking the conviction, morals and values to build communities, societies, families, and prosperous nations.

Because of this, in most communities the moral fabric is being tested and stretched to it's limits. Realising that being fulfilled in life is dependent on being who you were born to be, and doing what you were born to do. Without this purpose and without being fulfilled, life has no heart. Using this book as a compass can help focus you towards fulfilment, and provide guidance when answering "Why am I here?".

Other reasons why purpose is important is that it provides focus and drive towards the things that matter most in life. This includes friends, family, career and faith. When you have purpose, you can ignore activities that don't help you work towards your goals. As a by-product, this provides us with a sense of control over the events in our life, as we can choose how to fulfil our purpose.

Having common purpose with other people means that as a community, people can work towards greater things. This helps us individually, and as a society grow and become stronger. In other words, purpose gives us ambition to achieve greater things.

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