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Vision Video
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This is the story of how one couple took God's love to the poor.

Walking the poverty-stricken streets of Whitechapel late one night in the summer of 1865, past neglected, ragged children, drunken women, unemployed men, and prostitutes plying their trade, William Booth decided, "These will be our people."

What followed makes an enthralling story of spiritual passion, courage and faith, leading to the birth of The Salvation Army. Young people, often as young as 18, opened the Army's evangelistic work in mining towns or even new nations. The Army expanded globally. and compelled by love, it reached out to prisoners and the downtrodden, and the Army's social work was born. Teaming up with journalist WT Stead, the Army tackled the sexual trafficking business which entrapped hundreds of young girls.

This DVD features 11 historians and storytellers, voice artists, period music, over 500 images, rare archival footage, and recordings of two Booth grandchildren.

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