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True to Her Faith

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Christian Focus
Helen G Peels
Classic Stories

A Huguenot family like other Protestants, are under persecution. The time, the 1500's, the place, France those who are persecuted are living in a dangerous time for those unwilling to compromise.

Sent on an errand by her mother, twelve year old Suzanne de l'Orme's walks into an adventure that she fears she will never walk out of. Kidnapped by the authorities for being the child of a family who believes in the teachings of the Bible Suzanne is interrogated and persecuted. If she will only disown her faith and her friends and family she would be released from prison and welcomed into the 'freedom' of the Roman Catholic Church.

When it becomes clear that Suzanne will not give up her faith, she is taken from the abbey to become a slave on a local farm. Still refusing to renounce her beliefs, Suzanne's faith grows through her struggles.

Read this classic children's story to find out if this captivity will be the end for the young girl or if this adventure end with a new beginning for Suzanne's life.
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