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A Peep Behind the Scenes

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Christian Focus
O. F. Walton
Classic Stories

The children are so envious as run past the acting companies, brightly coloured caravan. They dream of living in one these dazzlingly curious homes and having exciting times around the fairground each day. Rosalie lives in the caravan knows that her life is not pretty or exciting as it appears. Take a Peep Behind the Scenes as the story follows Rosalie's hard life. With a mother who is always ill, and a very selfish father, she has to always has to work late into the night as part of the acting company.

One day Rosalie and her mother meet a man who tells them there is more to life and gives them a picture of a shepherd holding a lamb. The stranger tells them of the great love of Jesus who wants to care for Rosalie just like a shepherd cares for his lambs.

See what the future holds for Rosalie. Will she trust in God? Will she find a real home? Find out the answer to all these questions as the author takes you on a journey, giving you A Peep Behind the Scenes.

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