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Product ID:  9781782594161
ISBN/Barcode:  9781782594161
Publisher:  CWR
Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  32
Author(s):  Bob Hartman
Series:  Talking Tales

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11 in stock, usually dispatched within 24 hours

Hear the story of how Samuel came to work for God, from his point of view:

Hi, you may have heard about me before. My story's pretty brilliant, if I may say so myself. 

The name's Samuel by the way and all I wanted was a bit of sleep! But sometimes things wake us up, don't they?

For me, it was this voice calling my name, over and OVER again. Eli and his sons weren't too happy with me for disturbing their sleep as well. 

But you won't believe who the voice turned out to be and what they wanted to say ... so I guess I'll let you find out for yourself! 

Beautifully  illustrated by Emma Hagan, and written by popular children's author Bob Hartman.

About Bob Hartman:

Bob Hartman is a prolific children's author. who has travelled all over the world telling Bible stories in exciting and engaging ways to countless children. He also holds workshops on how to engage with children through innovative story telling.

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