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Jesus Files

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Carine MacKenzie


The clues are there if you want to investigate the truth. Find out what really happened at the scene of the crime, the place of the skull. Of all the executions there what made one so special? Why did Jesus have to die? Where is he now and is he planning a return?

Flick through the data; sift the clues, organise the information. Let the Bible present its case and uncover files of information that will help you research these real events. Events that lead to the most important discovery in history: What is it?*

From his birth to his death, from his resurrection to today - Jesus is worth knowing about believing in. Open the Jesus Files and open your mind.

*'God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son.

That whoever believes in him will not die but live for ever.'

THE JESUS FILES is divided into easily dealt with sections and introduces each story with a scripture location, theme or link back feature.

Other features include:

Files: These present extra information and background facts.

Information spots: Help you to link the current incident to other situations in the Bible.

Bible Data: These are questions situated throughout the book.

                   They get you investigating the bible for yourself.

Study section: This presents a selection of readings and files that you can use to investigate a particular theme or topic.

Map: This will help you visualise the area and see where things really happened.

Focus Studies: A further investigation into issues presented in the Jesus Files.

Character Studies: A more in-depth look at the people Jesus knew.

Case Studies: A concise invesigation into the birth, death & resurrection of Jesus.

Index: A straightforward aid to finding information on a selection of topics.




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