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The Story of Moses (My Bible Stories)

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Tick Tock
Sasha Morton
My Bible Stories

Join Moses as he leads the Israelite slaves out of Egypt, and with God's help, guides them to freedom in the Promised Land. Children are far more likely to remember God's message than we may believe. As the Bible contains many amazing stories that can help to guide a child into ways of forgiveness and compassion, they must be shown God's message in a way that they can digest.

These beautifully illustrated books by My Bible Stories make a treasured keepsake and are the perfect introduction to popular Bible stories for young readers.

This book covers the incredible journey of the prophet Moses, born as a Hebrew slave and raised as a prince of Egypt. He parted the Red Sea to bring freedom to his people and then received the Ten Commandments from God. All of this is told in an easy format for children to understand, allowing them to fully absorb the messages this story provides.

The popular series of 'My Bible Stories' books contain well-known stories from the Bible, all retold in an easy to understand format with traditional illustrations that children will love. These books are ideal for all occasions, such as reading alone, with parents, or at Sunday school.

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