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Goodbye God

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W.P. Nicholson

"I have followed the work of William P. Nicholson for several years with great interest. I have heard him preach, and he has held a campaign in the Moody Church in Chicago, of which I was formerly pastor. I have made many inquiries about him and his work there, and I find that everyone has nothing but good to say about him and his work. Mr. Nicholson is sound in his doctrine, careful in his methods, thorough in his work and leaves a good impression upon a city after he has visited it." Dr R. A. Torry

"His sermons are often an hour long, and people listen with eager interest from beginning to end. They are thoroughly sound and scriptural. He preaches the new birth, conversion, the work of the Holy Spirit and separation from the world with great force. The Spirit of God has evidently rested upon him in much power, for he delivers to the people the whole counsel of God. He speaks of sin as the Bible views it; of salvation as the Bible gives it; and the power of the Gospel to deliver the slaves of evil from their cruel bondage for evermore." Dr. Henry Montgomery

"They may say what they like about Nicholson, but after all, the test of a man's work and words is the goods he delivers - and he has delivered the goods." Dr. W. Graham Scroggie

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