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God's Little Book of Prayers for Women

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Autumn House
Anita Marshall

The Bible is full of praying women, and Mary the mother of Jesus is just one example. How did they feel? What is their story? And how should Christian women relate today? With characteristic honesty and insight, Anita Marshall suggests that maybe thankfulness would be a good place to start.

In this book, the author Anita Marshall helps give a place to start for women who are looking to start their journey of prayer, as well as answering questions about the various women in the Bible.

"Up front

We talk to our nearest and dearest throughout the day. We don't usually start the day's conversation with as long list of our concerns and needs. Nor do we end the day that way. Why should our relationship with our very dearest - our Lord - be different? Our days should be full of spontaneous prayers, praise, and petition, with occasional repentance!

I'm a great reader of other people's prayers, so for interest I've cinluded a few of my favourites. The poems and books I've quoted from are all worth googling."

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