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Glory to Glory Sisterhood

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Robin Kirby-Gatto

The Glory to Glory Sisterhood breaks down barriers between women, building up their faith in God and their bonds with each other. The Glory to Glory Sisterhood invites Christian women to join God's "sisterhood sorority" by exploring sensitive-to-women issues including:

  • Rejection.
  • Coveting.
  • Receiving love.
  • Disappointment.
  • Insecurity.
  • Accepting themselves as beautiful.

Robin Kirby-Gatto draws on her own experiences of rejection, worthlessness, and rebellion to create bonds of trust and understanding among women of all ages, "to bring women into unity where we see each other through the eyes of Christ." She begins with her own story, showing the depths God went to redeem and call her to fulfill her destiny and purpose.

The Glory to Glory Sisterhood addresses worldly standards that have come against women in general that have built strongholds of competition through jealousy, pride, gossip, and judgment-giving women false expectations about how to treat each other-and empowers them to move forward using God's standard to propel them into godly, sisterly relationships.

Probing questions at the conclusion of each meaningful chapter open your heart to Jesus, the Lover of your soul, and allow you to take a deeper look at your Savior-and yourself.

About Robin Kirby-Gatto:


Robin has a bachelors and masters degree in Social Work and her Juris Doctorate. She has been married to her wonderful husband, Rich Gatto, since 2001 and has two wonderful sons, Christopher and Matthew Kirby.

She and her husband have a prophetic ministry for young people called "22 IS 22" (Isaiah 22:22 Company) which equips young people with the prophetic mantle to take dominion over the earth by opening doors for the Kingdom of Heaven which no man can shut and shutting doors to the kingdom of darkness that no man can open. In addition, she has her own ministry, Princess Warrior, where she receives the war strategy from the throne of God for each season and trains women to rise up and become mighty warriors. Robin is currently ordained under Advocate Ministries in Irondale, Alabama. Robin lives in Montevallo, Alabama with her family.

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