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Recovering From Depression

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Katharine Smith

If someone suffers from depression, things like getting out of bed and opening the curtains can seem like an enourmous, dark mountain that makes you feel it is impossible to climb.

Depression is an illness that has a very negative, profound, and life-altering impact on those who suffer from it, but also, it can put significant strain on the relationships with friends and loved ones who try to reach out and support, often to no avail, those who experience the hardship of this often mis-understood ailment.

However, although daunting, the good news is depression can be managed, even beaten, and this book seeks to be an encouragement to those who are on the journey to recovery by providing a reassuring guide written by an and empathetic author.

Katharine's past experience has shown her that it is good to try and identify the issues that the negative feelings which form the basis for much depression are based upon. Attempting to make peace with these issues and integrate these into our lives in a healthy way, can bring a new hope to our lives and help to open our faith to a new range of experiences and maturity.

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