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52 Ways to Keep Your Promises

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Wayne & Judith Rolls

More and more men across America have committed themselves to keep the promises they have made to their wives, to their families, and to the Lord. Reaching that goal, however, requires insight, enthusiasm, and commitment.

Wayne and Judith Rolls address all three of these requirements in 52 Ways to Keep Your Promises. they've tested their advice in the struggles of real life and offer proven ways to develop more godly character, strengthen relationships at home, and honor one's responsibilities to God, self, and others.

Keeping one's promises is more than an exciting concept for a weekend rally. It's a week-by-week walk in obedience to the Lord Jesus who teaches men the ultimate purpose for keeping one's promises.

Discover one new way each week to accomplish His goals for your life!

"Men are responsible for a healthy marriage and happy family. This book can help men fulfill thier important biblical responsibilities and avoid stress in the family." - Dr. Bill Bright, Founder and President, Campus Crusade for Christ International

About the Authors:

WAYNE ROLFS followed a successful career in the business world as former vice president of Puritan Industries in Chicago with a second career as a Class A PGA pro. The author of The 10-30 Power Swing. Wayne is a long-time golf teacher at both adult and children's golf camps.

JUDITH ROLFS is a teacher, licensed psychotherapist, and the author of A Parent's Treasurebox of Ideas as well as several handbooks for families facing chronic or terminal illnesses. Judith has both M.S. and PH.D. degrees in counseling. Wayne and Judith have four grown children and five grandchildren. They have been coteachers of junior and senior high Christian education programs for fifteen years and work together in presenting marriage seminars and in counseling couples.


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