101 Proverbs for Life

101 Proverbs for Life
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Product ID:  9781903921586
ISBN/Barcode:  9781903921586
Publisher:  Autumn House
Binding  Paperback
Pages  128
Author(s)  Andrew Rashford-Hewitt

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Only 2 left in stock, usually dispatched within 24 hours

'Too often we skip over the Proverbs or just dip into them for a moment before moving on,' says Andrew Rashford-Hewitt. 'Instead, we need to dive in. When we do we shall find pearls of blessing and insight for people of all ages...'

Each and every proverb is a piece of wisdom, that unapologetically presents a view of the world. The book of Proverbs shows an all-knowing, loving and wise God who created the universe and communicates with us. Through the book of Proverbs, He invites us to learn more about Him, the source of happiness and wisdom.

These 101 Proverbs for Life are a guide for making the best choices available to us, which will also be the right choices. By reading this book you'll have the opportunity to study the patterns, learn His lessons of wisdom, and make the correct choices. This is an enjoyable journey to wisdom and happiness.

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