Year in China

Year in China
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Product ID:  9781850788157
ISBN/Barcode:  9781850788157
Publisher:  Authentic
Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  173
Author(s):  Vincent Sack & Jon Perrywell

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Nimen haol

Just a note to let you know I've arrived in Shencheng. It's a whopping great city and pretty overwhelming skyscraper emblazoned with incomprehensible Chinese adverts; constant noise and lots and lots of people. The traffic is absolutely crazy, as is the pollution and it's stiflingly hot; the women are walking around with wet flannels on their heads and at night people sleep on the street, preferring that to non-air-conned rooms. At the moment I'm basically mute and illiterate and have to resort to wild gestures to communicate. it's a good laugh. Sometimes.'

Meet Jon, a young Englishman who goes to spend a year teaching English and preaching the gospel to Chinese students. Join him as he tackles unfamiliar food, gets used to new customs and begins to grasp the language. See him get to know his students and learn about their joys and their troubles. Based on true experiences but lightly fictionalized to protect those involved. A Year in China is a fascinating insight into the constantly changing country.

'A range of real people come alive in this open and engaging account of a year in China. Full of fascinating insights into a complex society.' - Jane Showell-Rogers, Global Connections Network

'I was captivated. Not just for those interested in China or short term mission. To miss this would be a great shame.' - Karen Trumper, Pevensey Bay Baptist Church, Eastbourne

'A challenging read. Am I willing to be as uncompromising as the students in this book?' - Paul Robinson. Missionary

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