Unquenchable Flame

Unquenchable Flame
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Product ID:  9781783595297
ISBN/Barcode:  9781783595297
Publisher:  Inter-Varsity Press
Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  192
Author(s):  Michael Reeves

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Only 2 left in stock, usually dispatched within 24 hours

The great reformation of the Christian Church began in 1517, when Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses on the door of Wittenburg Castle Church.

Then began a drama filled part of history, containing gripping tales of courage and sacrifice.

In this easy to understand introduction, the author looks at some of the most well-known characters of the reformation including:

  • Martin Luther
  • Ulrich Zwingli
  • John Calvin
  • The Puritans

Michael Reeves shows how the ideals and thoughts of the reformation are of profound personal relevance to each of us today.

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