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There Must Be Something More!

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Sid Roth

There has to be more to life than this!

There is!

As a young Jewish businessman, Sid Roth's goal was to be a millionaire before age 30. At age 29, he realized that was not going to happen. Consequently, Sid left his wife, family, and job at a major financial mangement company to look for happiness elsewhere. Instead, things got much worse.

Sid's search took him into the New Age realm of religion, where he became suicidal and almost lost his mind. He realized that the demons attacking him were real. But where could he go for help? No psychiatrist could solve his problem. No rabbi. Not even his devoted parents.

On the worst night of Sid's life, a tangible Presence entered his room and filled him with an indescribable peace.

Learn the easy way what Sid chose to learn the hard way--life can be lived abundantly and joyfully, no matter your circumstance.

About Sid Roth:


Sid Roth has investigated the supernatural for more than 30 years. His television program "It's Supernatural!" documents miracles and is viewed internationally. "It's Supernatural!" deals with subjects that most shy away from.

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