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Risky Business

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Pauline Stableford

In Risky Business Pauline Stableford introduces us to the little-known country of Finland, which became second home to her, and to the rest of the Scandinavian countries except Iceland, but including the Faeroe Islands – the “Land of Maybe” in the middle of the North Atlantic. She also takes us into Communist Eastern Europe in the late 1960’s and 70’s and 80’s, recounting how the Lord led in every detail so she and her co-workers could help suffering Christians there. Just when Pauline was thinking life should slow down a bit, the Lord sent her to teach English in China, - covering the time of the happenings in Tien’anmen Square - and her life after that was involved in work amongst the Chinese in Europe until her retirement.

But this book is not just about one person’s life and experiences, and adventures. It is intended as an encouragement to all Christians to see what a great God we have, and also a challenge to trust this God and dare great things for Him. Pauline Stableford talks openly about her feelings and her failings to show that God can use anyone who will trust and obey Him, even when it involves considerable risk. Life with Jesus is a Risky Business.

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