Legacy of The Blackwood Brothers

Legacy of The Blackwood Brothers
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Product ID:  9781889893556
ISBN/Barcode:  9781889893556
Publisher:  Ambassador/Emerald
Binding  Paperback
Pages  128
Author(s)  Paul Davis

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Only 3 left in stock, usually dispatched within 24 hours

In the world of Gospel Music, the Blackwood Brothers remain unique - legends among their peers, successors, and fans alike. No other Christian performers have advanced the gospel music cause more daringly or progressively than the Blackwood Brothers.

Today's thriving Christian music industry, gospel-concert circuit, and the GMA are living legacies of their dedicated, enthusiastic, ground breaking vision, perservering hard-work, and success.

Commenced in 1934 with James the celebrated name of the Blackwood Brothers Quartet continued into the new Millennium under the shrewd leadership of Cecil Stamps Blackwood.

An early Sunday school buddy of Elvis Presley, Cecil took on the mantle of baritone when his brother R.W.Blackwood perished in the tragic aircrash of 1954.

This inspiring story reads, amazingly at times, as if it were fiction. It is a human tale full of passionate and heart-warming sentiment, spiritual idealism, and "blood, sweat and tears!" The enthralling story has its balanced share of achievements and mistakes.

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