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Just The Way I Am

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Noel Davidson

Ivan Thompson grew up in West Belfast in the days when troubles were things that you had when your child was sick, your dog got run over, or your car wouldn't start.

His mother had died when he was only three months old, so Ivan was taken and reared by a grandmother, who did her best for him.

Times were tough. There were few luxuries.

In an attempt to escape from the humdrum life in narrow city streets, or perhaps to achieve some kind of fame or fortune for himself, Ivan turned to a life of petty crime.

This, in its turn, led to a prison sentence.

In the meantime, Ivan had met a girl whom he loved, Sylvia. She and granny visited him faithfully during his months in Crumlin Road Prison, and on his release Ivan and Sylvia were married. Things went from bad to worse.

Then something dramatic happened.

Sylvia became a Christian.

Her husband was merciless, he laughed at her when she tried to witness to him. He jeered at her when she knelt to pray...

But God had something in store for him too...

This book tells that story

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