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John Calvin: His Life & Influence

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Christian Focus
Robert L. Reymond

"..despite his stern Calvinist upbringing" - Why is it that in the modern media the word Calvinist is always accompanied by "stern" or "dour" or "strict"? While most of the people who use the terms together have next to no knowledge of what Calvinism is, they have even less about who this man Calvin was. Was he some old-style reactionary? Was he some hardline ayatollah - raging at the world without any thought? Or is there more to this man than the uninformed critics of today would have us believe?

Robert Raymond brings us John Calvin the man. The reality is quite different from the caricature often painted today. He was a man of deep spirituality, real love for his fellow man and God and with tremendous intellectual abilities. Whether the moniker "stern Calvinist" can be applied to you or not - John Calvin's life has much to teach us.

'...tells the story of Calvin's life and thought in a compact and compelling way that will serve to acquaint readers with the warm human character of Calvin and make them want to study his writings. His description of Calvin's masterful statement at the Lausanne Disputation of 1556 is by itself worth the price of the book.' - William S. Barker, Westminster Theological Seminary, Pennsylvania

'Raymond's book is succinct and comprehensive, appreciative and probing, historical and theological, scholarly and pastoral. Especially valuable is Raymond's treatment of the burning of Servetus in which he summarizes William Cunningham's five considerations that ameliorate to some degree Calvin's involvement in the tragedy - and adds eight further points of his own.' - David Calhoun, Covenant Theological Seminary, St Louis, Missouri

'...sheds new light on a famous and familiar name. his writing style is scholarly and authoritative, but at the same time anecdotal and intensely interesting reading.' - D. James Kennedy

About Robert Reymond:

ROBERT REYMOND is Professor of Systematic Theology at Knox Theological Seminary, Florida. he is a well-respected author whose books include Paul - Missionary Theologian (ISBN 987-1-85792497=8) Jesus, Divine Messiah (978-1-85792-805-0).

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