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Is There Another One?

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Lorraine Wylie

Is There Another One? is a great Christian biographical read. The stories are fresh and engaging and will help you to know God in a deeper, more meaningful way.

The faith of an eight year old child provided strength when, thirty years later, she faced the onslaught of cancer. A twelve year old lad met the Lord and became a household name in broadcasting at home and abroad. It was the same divine power that transformed a wounded adolescent into a successful witness in the world of football. Even the jaded palate of an alcoholic man was refreshed when God filled it with a song of praise and added the gift of evangelism.

The stories in this book are as varied as the individuals concerned. Some will lead the reader to America. Others will invite them to trace their journey around the British Isles. Yet for many, the greatest challenges as well as blessings have taken place in the familiar surroundings of home.

While each story stands alone as a testimony to God's faithfulness, it is impossible to miss the common thread that weaves them together. James McConnell may have started life as an orphaned child from the working class streets of East Belfast. But when God touched his life, infusing it with power, the young man became a dedicated seeker of souls. The characters in this book are just some of those that Dr. McConnell's ministry has either won or helped mould for the service of God.

James McConnell has been a pastor with the heart of an evangelist for over fifty years. Thousands who attend the services in Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle have heard the question, "is There Another One?"

In these vibrant pages you'll meet "another one" in situations just like yours. Along with them, you'll discover that for you too, there is an answer.

About Lorraine Wylie:

Born and raised in Belfast, Lorraine Wylie's writing career began with bed time stories for her children. Many of these were published in a variety of anthologies both in the American and British market. Associate Editor of the Christian magazine Lifetimes, Lorraine also contributes to a wide range of well known national periodicals. Married to Michael who runs a contempory art gallery in France, the couple have three children and a daughter-in-law. This is Lorraine's third book.

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