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Daylight at Midnight

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Jane McNabb

At a dark and terrifying period in Israel's history, the story of Esther reminds us of the light that shines from God's providence, his love and continued faithfulness towards his people. Daylight at Midnight traces this dramatic story as we see a young Jewess become a Persian Queen and be used for the deliverance of her people.

As the central characters are examined and the plot unfolds, we are challenged to reflect on personal applications, aided by end-of-chapter questions. Crucially, through seeing Esther's obedience, Mordecai's faith and Haman's opposition, we are reminded of the thrilling and undeniable fact that God is greater than Satan's schemes.

'Faithful to Scripture, well-researched and written to encourage women of all ages always to trust in God.' - Celia Bowring. CARE

'Unveiling Esther opened up numerous profound and relevant truths in many areas of life. I was stirred, surprised, inspired and captivated. This book is truly a gem for women today.' - Killy John

'A very lively commentary on a much-loved story.' - Ann Benton, author, conference speaker and chairman, London Women's Convention

'Jane McNabb skilfully reveals the fifth century BC world of Esther's life to us. We learn that Esther's experiences... are just as pertinent to us as in the 21st Century.' - Anona Coates


'Jane has a passion for communicating timeless Bible truths to women today and her enthusiasm is infectious.' - Sharon James, speaker and author

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