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Samson - Man of Strength, Man of Weakness

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Day One Publications
Colin D Jones
People in the Bible

The story of Samson is one of the most exciting and interesting in the Bible. As the sub-title suggests, this book gives insight into his incredible strength but also his persistent weakness. We enjoy hearing the thrilling accounts of both the unorthodox battles and awe inspiring demonstrations of physical power. Sadly, we also wonder at his struggle to learn from his own mistakes as he follows his carnal passions to their inevitable end. This rollercoaster story starts at the rich promises accompanying his birth, through the tragedies and triumphs of his life. The story almost ends with the sad imagery of him as the bind captive of his enemies. Yet, there is still one surprising twist to this epic tale - victory through death. Throughout this story, we can trace the contrasts with the great Judge of Israel - The Lord Jesus Christ.

About Colin D Jones

Colin D Jones became the pastor of Three Bridges Free Church, Crawley in 1996 after twenty-two years at Wen Baptist Church in Shrophire. He is a long serving member of the Council of the FIEC and is the author of Exploring Esther, also published by Day One. He and his wife, have four daughters.

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