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Master and His Men

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J. Stuart Holden

Here is a book from the pen of one who loved to talk of the Master and His power over His men, and through whose ministry many became servants themselves. Stuart Holden had a genius for friendship and no-one could know him long without knowing his Master better: He was likewise one of the memorable preachers of his day. These pages bear abundant witness to the joyous faith of one of the most greatly used of Keswick's Convention speakers.

Think of anyone starting a movement today, especially a movement with a worldwide objective. The first thing necessary is a list of names, and the more exalted the names the better. Statesmen, financiers, society leaders, novelists or a film star! - anyone, in fact, who will lend distinction and draw the crowd. How unlike everyone else Christ is! At every point He could say: "My kingdom is not of this world." never is this so self-evident as at its beginnings, in His choice of associates.

"Each of His men brought Him what he had. And the history of the group is simply the story of transforming grace, and of the consecrated use of varied aptitudes in a service in which each supplemented the other. It was by these men that His Word went out into all lands. By these men the tidings and influences of Redemption were carried over the continent and ocean. The Master chose his men well."

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