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Living Water 2 Volume Set
Living Water 2 Volume Set

Living Water 2 Volume Set

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Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Jesus claimed that he could provide 'living water' for the soul.

Have you got this life in you? Or do you have to drag yourself to worship God? Do you ha e to force yourself to live the Christian life? Are you a bit ashamed of it when you meet your clever friends in the world? If so, there is something radically wrong.

It is "living water". It is not some cold, detached, theoretical, intellectual understanding of a number of doctrines. Yes, it is an understanding, but if it does not give life to you, if it does not move you, you have not got the "living water". D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

In 56 chapters of passionate communication, Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones explores the depths of God's amazing gift, and reveals how a vibrant spiritual life is open to every Christian believer.

Never before published, these sermons include the last one ever preached by 'the Doctor' at Westminster Chapel.

About Martyn Lloyd Jones:

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was Minister of Westminster Chapel in London from 1943 to 1968. Through the sermons he preached and the books that came out of them he stands as one of the twentieth century's greatest influences on evangelical Christianity.

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